Thursday, April 30, 2009

Food Blogging Ethics

Ok question. I tried tweeting about this but 140 characters isnt enough space! *LOL*

If you are a food blogger, how do you feel about someone using one of your recipes and then posting about it in their own blog. I ask because I do this and never thought about it because I never use their pics and always link back to the originating blog. I try to make sure to give full credit for the recipes I use and post.

Your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I personally think that if you put your recipe out there you are inviting people to use it...hopefully with credit back to the original poster.

To me, recipes are meant to be shared, imitated, changed up, mixed around, made better, sometimes made worse, read, shared, clipped, copied, and tucked away for future other words, a recipe is merely a starting point, and in the world of blogging - a public one, for anyone who wishes to use and make their own.

Just my .02.

Anya said...

I agree that they should be shared. That's what tweaks them and makes them such awesome recipes for all kinds of tastes.

I do know that some get rather...testy if theirs are copied and I dont want to step on toes when using them.

Thanks for the comment. Sorry for the delay in replying I didnt get the notification!