Saturday, October 13, 2007

Queen for a Day

Oh who am I kidding? Ambit is always Queen around here. She does look rather regal in this photo I think. :)

I think Ambit just likes posing for Weekend Cat Blogging which is hosted this week by Sher at What Did You Eat?. (I have to admit I like this event too!) Be sure to go visit all the kitties and see what they are blogging about this weekend!


sher said...

Ambit--you look so pretty there! You really know how to pose, I must say! Thanks for thaking part in WCB.

Kitikata-san said...

The kitty looks just like my neighbor - a grey tuxie. Wait, did you steal my neighbor!? Horray if you did. She always runs over to my front window to mock me, and say "Nah, Nah, I am outside, and you are not!"

Tam said...

People should read this.