Thursday, February 19, 2009

Melting Pot Ohh la la

This is the "review" I posted on FoodBuzz. Thought I'd share with you guys :)

This is definitely a restaurant designed for romance. From the candles on the table to the low lights and cozy booths there is no way to escape it.

Ashley, our waitress, was very perky and helpful with the menu and walked us through ordering. She also explained each course as it was brought out and how the fondue was created.

The food was good but this isnt a restaurant that you eat at because of the spectacular food (except the Cherries Jubilee. YUM!). It’s also not about low cost. This is not a budget friendly restaurant ($130 for 2 inc tax/tip.) It’s all about the atmosphere.

Am I disappointed? Not at all. Would I go back? I doubt it. Not for a full 4 course meal at least.

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