Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sooooo many recipes....

So little time!!

Oy! I have been trying to get all of my recipes organized and there is so much that I want to cook and bake right now! There just isnt enough time or money to cook it all!

What's your alltime favorite recipe?


Anonymous said...

You know...I don't know that I could narrow it down to one favorite recipe.

The first thing that comes to mind is my family's homemade noodles and beef.

Then I think about how much I love just a simple slice of fresh bread slathered with good butter.

Then plain pasta and butter comes to mind.

But then my train of thought comes back to homemade noodles.

I guess that would win simply because it reminds me of family and home. :o)

Would you like to come over and try it sometime? I have only made it a few times, as I can't make it as good as my mom or sister Linda. But I plan to practice a lot and try my best. hehe

Actually, Linda made it on New Year's Day for me and I snapped photos and wrote down the recipe as best I could as it is one of those with no exact recipe.

Would love to get an "outsiders" point of view on the deliciousness of them. JJ actually likes them a lot.

Jo said...

I can't get it down to ONE! Too many I love :)

BTW: added you to my blogroll... hope you don't mind :)


Anya said...

Dawnie: My favorite recipe is my family's Garlic Cheese grits! I always ask my parents to make it for any family event where there will be food. *drool*

I'd love to try the noodles and beef! Just let me know when and I'll show up with my fork! heh

Jo: Thanks for much for the add! I'm honored. I'll be adding you to my list as well!