Friday, February 27, 2009

OMG! The grocery store robbed my bank account!

Seriously, with grocery prices (and, it seems, all other prices) on the rise faster and faster I am curious about how much the average reader spends weekly on groceries.

I generally spend about $100/week on groceries for Ron and I. Now this does include non food items as well, such as kitty supplies and normal household supplies. I would like to get that down to $50/week so I'm perusing the frugal blogs for ideas on saving money.

I know one thing I need to do is start using coupons so that's first on my list. The other is to try and get Ron to enjoy a meatless meal one or two nights a week. (Any ideas on how to help me with that one are appreciated since he's the kind of person that thinks meat should be included in every meal)

What do you normally spend per week for groceries and how big is your family?

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