Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chicken Tenders ala me!

I am trying to cut out fried foods because they really arent good for you but gosh they taste so darn good and last night I was craving chicken tenders. Now the recipe is gonna suck because I didnt measure anything. heh that's why I always use others recipes.

Chicken Tenders

2 lbs chicken tenders, tenders cut in half
2 eggs
splash of milk
7-8 drops Frank's hot sauce
black pepper
cayenne pepper
canola oil

1. Whisk egg, milk, and hot sauce together in a bowl.

2. In 2nd bowl mix flour, black pepper, and cayenne pepper.

3. Heat canola oil in large frying pan.

4. Dip tenders in egg mixture then flour and drop (carefully) into hot oil.

5. Turn once. When golden take from oil and drain on paper towel covered plate.

6. Serve with ranch dressing, honey mustard, or just munch alone!

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