Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Still Alive

Well I finally had my surgery on Jan 11th. Spinal fusion. Much fun! I'm doing well though I'm dying to get back in the kitchen and cook. Right now though I'm on restriction until more then likely March.

I have created a bit of a fun cooking thing over at livejournal if anyone is interested (you dont have to be a member to post). It's called "Iron Chefs" and once a month I pick an ingredient or a theme and everyone posts a pic and a recipe. At the end of the month we vote on who is the Iron Chef! I'd love to see more people participating in that so if that interests you then come take a look.

Iron Chefs

If you dont have a livejournal account and need help just let me know! :)

Oh and Deb I am looking through my old cookbooks for a cake recipe for you. Hopefully will find a good one!

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