Friday, October 5, 2007

Old Church/Junior League Cookbooks

I stopped by to see my Mom today (she loved the cookies!) and picked up some of her old church cookbooks. I love the old church and/or junior league cookbooks. These are recipes that these women (mostly they are women) have made with lots of love for their family. They also usually have a few great tips for cooking, storing, serving, etc. I thought I'd share some here (admittedly it's mainly because my Mom is going to want her cookbooks back and I dont want to forget anything!) :)

Tips for Tossed Salads

Found via "Just Plains' Cooking" from Plains Presbyterian Church

Wash well, drain and dry greens before storing; chill well before using.

To core lettuce, smack head stem end down on counter top. Then twist the core out.

It is better to tear greens into bite-sized pieces to avoid bruising with knife.

Don't cut up tomatoes for a tossed salad since their juices thin the dressing and wilt the greens. Use them only for garnishing the salad bowl.

Select only firm, hard, green cucumbers. The skin should have a slight sheen, but if it is highly polisted, it is probably waxed and the skin should be removed.

Use wild greens such as dandelion, sorrel or winter cress for a different flavor and texture in tossed salads.

About Potato Salad

Found via "Just Plains' Cooking" from Plains Presbyterian Church

Potato salad is best made from potatoes cooked in their jackets and peeled and marinated while still warm. Small red waxy potatoes hold their shape when sliced or diced and do not absorb an excessive amount of dressing or become mushy.

Soup Accompaniments

Found via "Just Plains' Cooking" from Plains Presbyterian Church

Clear Soups - Crisp crackers, cheese pastry, cheese spread toast strips.

Cream Soups - cheese popcorn, seeded crackers, pretzels, pickles and olives.

Chowders and Meat Soups - Melba toast, sour pickles, oyster crackers, bread sticks, relishes, toasted garlic bread.

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Dee said...

I've been looking for old junior league/church cookbooks. i'm looking for old versions of red velvet cake. I heard the old recipes used beets for the color. are there any recipes in your mom's book?